Wednesday 1 January 2014

Book Review: A Christmas Wish by Joseph Pittman

A sweet Christmas read if I have ever read one. A Christmas Wish by Joseph Pittman was a heartwarming delight. After losing her mother in a storm, Janey is left to be taken care of by Brian, a man who was just passing through the little town of Linden Corners until he fell in love with Janey's mom Annie, and the magical windmill that brought them all together.

This story is the second in a series, but is a wonderful read on its own. This is a fast paced easy read that is filled with great descriptions, Christmas sentiment, and just enough childhood angst and former life tension from the main characters to sustain wonder for the next chapter. This was a most enjoyable read to relax with during the stress of the holidays. Linden Corners is a place I plan to revisit in Pittman's other novels soon.

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