Tuesday 10 June 2014

Book Review: With a Southern Touch (Anthology) by Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham, and Diana Palmer

This book is an anthology of stories by three wonderful romance authors.
Adam by Jennifer Blake
In this book, we find Adam Benedict on the hunt for Kim Belzoni, a woman who just murdered her abusive husband in self defense. He intends to take her to the sheriff, his cousin Roan. But it's awfully hard for Adam to find Kim when her niece, Lara Kincaid keeps getting in the way. Lara has a mystical and ghostly sense to her the first time they meet, and Adam is all the more intrigued the more he finds out about her. With Kim always one step ahead of him, Lara has more time to convince Adam about how abused Kim had been in the marriage. And along the way, both Lara and Adam discover more about each other than either was prepared for.
A wonderful and fun read.
A Night in Paradise by Heather Graham
Mike and Mary are an elderly couple in a rehabilitation facility in the small town of Paradise. They are blessed with a strong love for each other and each one reaches out their grandchild to come to their wedding. Aurora, Mary's granddaughter, is a playwright and owner of the Paradise Theater, a small place where the local talent can make her words shine. Helpful in visiting her grandmother on a regular basis, Aurora also tends to make a good impression on Mike. This leads to Max Wulfson, Mike's grandson, getting the wrong impression over a phone call, and leaves immediately to break up Mike's nuptials to the wrong woman. When he figures out he was mistaken, he plays a little game with Aurora, who is not correcting Max's mistake just yet. Oh, and did Max forget to mention he was a famous New York playwright?
Some funny moments finally sway to this sweet romance with a great ending.
Garden Cop by Diana Palmer
Curtis Russell is enjoying his vacation visiting his mother, Matilda. As an FBI agent, he finds it hard to rest when he notices the neighbour, Mary Ryan, growing some illegal plants in her front yard garden. The gall of the woman! Some fantastically funny writing had me laughing out loud at the predicaments Mary and Curt keep getting into together. From physical tussles in the muddy garden over tomato plants to Mary and Curt running wildly through the dark community in their pajamas looking for a dog that doesn't even belong to them. As the two work together, they realize their is an escaped government witness with a gun on the loose in Matilda's back shed. They do some quick detective thinking, winding up in shots fired, an ambulance ride, and an ending that I wasn't expecting.
I laughed out loud and enjoyed this story the best in this anthology.
I am very happy I own this anthology as it will be read again. I recommend it highly to those who enjoy light clean romances.
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