Friday 23 May 2014

Book Review: Club Prive: Book 1 by M.S. Parker

In Club Prive: Book 1 we meet Carrie, a law intern working towards her Master's Degree. With barely enough time to work and study, Carrie has proclaimed that there is just no time in her life at the moment for dating or a relationship. Trying to alleviate her stress, Leslie with the loud snorting laughter, and Krissy, roommate to Carrie throughout their higher education, drag Carrie to the new nightclub in town, Club Prive. And here is where our hot, mysterious Gavin enters the picture. A friendly dare from her friends, and Carrie finds herself with Gavin's phone number. But remember, she has no time for a commitment.
Strangely enough, Gavin keeps showing up wherever Carrie is. He seems to know quite a bit about the lawyer-to-be, and yet she knows so little about him. What kind of passion will be found between a stubborn woman and a mysterious man? Sensual and electrifying are the most I will give you because I need to leave you wanting more...much like M.S. Parker has left me wanting to read the next book. This one ends in quite the cliff-hanger, so expect to be begging for more.
Sensual, tasteful, and enjoyably fun is what I felt reading the first of The Club Prive series. I hope to find more excitement in the following episodes. I recommend to readers of erotic romance.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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